Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Google Chrome 10 comes bundled with HTML5 games

Chrome 10 bundled games
Google Chrome 10 has quietly made it into the Dev channel, and it may signify the beginning of Chrome-related bloatware, as the Google Operating System blog reports. Chrome 10 now comes with two bundled Web-based games 'preinstalled' -- as much as any Web app can be preinstalled. This apparently happens on all operating systems except Chrome OS (for now?).

The two games are Poppit and Entanglement, and if you're running the Dev channel, by now you should have noticed them in your New Tab page. They just showed up there, without any prior notice or you having to do anything. What's next Google, a McAfee trial version with Chrome 11? Although unlike pesky anti-virus trials, the two games can easily be uninstalled if you so wish.

But since they're there, perhaps you should give them a try. They are supposedly HTML5-heavy, so besides being worthy time-wasters, they might also serve as useful showcases of what can be accomplished with the next generation of Web technologies. Or not. Your call.

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