Sunday, December 19, 2010

Steel Grinder is a fast-paced, explosive Time-Waster

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Steel Grinder is a fairly simple game. You're driving a tank, and you see the level from an overhead view. There are waves of enemies coming at you, and you need to blow them up with your mighty shots.

You move the tank using WASD (which is no good if you happen to use Colemak), but you can also move it using the arrow keys (lucky for me). While you're driving the tank away from oncoming enemies, you use the mouse to aim its turret at them, and then you fire away. When an enemy dies, it sometimes leaves a bonus or a bit of "money" in its wake, which you have to collect. When you hit Space, you're taken to the "Upgrade Store," but the upgrades are very slow to appear. I got my first one only after killing the first boss, which was around wave five.

It's all been done before, but it's well-made, and it certainly engaged me for a few minutes. That's really all I look for in a decent time-waster. If explosions are your thing, you might enjoy this one.

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