Monday, January 17, 2011

HTC Hero users hit by Twitpocalyse bug

It's great having lots of manufacturer provided applications in the ROM of your mobile device, but what happens if one of them breaks? It's not as easy as just contacting the developer for an updated version is it!

This is exactly the problem being faced by users of 'HTC Peep', the Twitter client on the HTC Hero.

Last night, the unique id number assigned to each Tweet exceeded 4,294,967,295, in an event we covered as 'Twitpocalyse II'. This is the highest number that can be stored in an unsigned 32 bit integer. If the developer of a Twitter client uses this method to store the Tweet ID, then unexpected things will happen. Hence, since this occured, Peep users have been unable to use the application, instead being greeted by the error message above (after which the application either closes or refuses to load new tweets).

We have contacted HTC to ask how long Hero users should expect to wait for a fix, but if you are affected, it might be time to try out Twidroid, Twitterride or perhaps Swift!

UPDATE: HTC have responded to this issue. They have said "Thanks for helping to make us aware of the details of this problem. We have are investigating the issue and are working with Twitter on a solution. We apologize to our users for any inconvenience this has caused."

We'll bring you more information as it comes in.

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