Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Presenting "Video Games Turn 25" Keynote at GDC 2011

Described in the release as "a longtime friend of the GDC," Nintendo President Satoru Iwata will present a keynote that helps celebrate this year's 25th anniversary of the Game Developers Conference. In "Video Games Turn 25: A Historical Perspective and Vision for the Future" Mr. Iwata plans to share Nintendo's unique way of looking at what defines a gamer and gaming, review how games have evolved, and provide a glimpse of his view of what comes next.

Mr. Iwata has delivered three prior keynotes at the GDC, each with dramatic results. In 2005 the first information on then-new console code named "Revolution" which would go on to become the Wii. In 2006 he focused on "disrupting development" and shared the Nintendo approach to attracting new players. And in 2009 he reveal...

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