Saturday, January 15, 2011

PlayStation 3 Hacks Threaten Games, Trophies

Sony has been building a response to the hacker who exposed the PlayStation 3 root key, even as the fallout from the hack continues to grow. "Geohot," the hacker responsible, is known for his iPhone exploits, but gained more notoriety recently when he broke the key and sent word out to fellow hackers. Geohot claims he doesn't condone piracy, and offered to be a security tester for the next set of consoles.

Despite the claim, though, hackers and home brew makers had shown proof of pirated games running on the PS3 just over a week after the root key was published. PlayStation 3 hacks started in earnest last year, but Sony was able to update the PS3 firmware to stay ahead of the curve. This hack, by exposing a piece of code that isn't updated, won't be so easy to reverse.

Engadget reports that Sony has responded to Geohot with a restraining order, apparently trying to pull...

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