Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Putt Putt Arcade Game Uses Real Golf Ball

Putt Championship Arcade Game

This arcade version of putt putt uses a real miniature golf club and ball and combines it with a digital game. The game's computer detects the golf ball and turns into a digital version.
Up to four competitors can play on two virtual courses using a real putter and real balls--you can explore the casino-themed Las Vegas course or the tiki torch-themed Paradise Island course on the large, high-definition 32" LCD. Just like real courses, you can shoot your ball through obstacles, such as a secret door at the base of an Egyptian pyramid for a one-way route directly to the hole... if you can time it correctly before it closes. Shot controls allow you to adjust your view left or right, providing overhead or ball view to plan the optimal path to the hole. The putting green allows left- and right-handers to play easily. Simply putt your ball at the base of the video screen; when the ball is detected by the game's computer, the virtual world takes over, calculating both the direction and speed of the ball, "shooting" it toward the hole; balls return automatically.
The putt putt game can be purchased here on Hammacher.com. It will set you back a mere $6,900.

(via Dvice)

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