Monday, February 7, 2011

A Small Car is a frustrating 3D Flash Time-Waster

It's not often that I see 3D attempted in Flash, and to be honest, after playing A Small Car I can see why.

It's not that it's not a fun game - otherwise I wouldn't mention it as a potential Time Waster. It's just very frustrating. Your job is to steer a car over a complex course, hanging in mid-air, to the checkered "landing zone" at the end of each level. You sometimes need to jump, too - so that means you can't always drive super-slow. The tracks are quite short, and it's all keyboard driven -- you don't need to use the mouse for anything.

As an experiment in 3D Flash content, it is quite impressive. The graphics are very blocky, but the motion is smooth. You can even change cameras by pressing C if you want to see what the track looks like from the driver's seat.

It's a fun game, but only if you've got plenty of patience.

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